Michael Dolsey Silver Bullet Paddleboard

The PCG  is our newest SUP, and is a Bam Bam with colored carbon rails. The same mold is used, as the BamBam with the same sizes offered., However, the PCG is made with a  gloss finish and stunning colored carbon fiber rails. Dolsey is the first SUP maker to incorporate this material feature in a SUP. The colored carbon fiber is under the finish thus eliminating paint chipping. The polycarbonate skin is very durable, so much so, that both Bam Bams and PCGs come with our 1 year consumer warranty. The PCG features colored carbon fiber rails, gloss finish, an accent pin line, a functional shape that glides well, a concave deck that makes our SUPs more stable, a 5-fin system, and a 3 tone high grade deck pad. New custmers love the look of the colored carbon fiber. The PCG is a solid performer in flat water paddling, paddle surfing, yoga, paddle fit classes, touring, and recreational use. The PCG comes standard with wood veneer top and bottom, a Q5 fin set up for ultimate control flexibility, one air vent, eight gear PFD tie down plugs, two cam mount plugs, one leash plug, and a 3-piece multi-tone traction pad.